Old School, New Body – Program Review

Weight loss is a difficult thing and can be a challenge if you have little time or are simply not motivated enough to change little things in your life. Weight loss can be super beneficial for your health and can lead to a more fulfilling life.

However, many people workout and loss weight in ineffective ways and through online programs you can lose weight from the stomach and can start looking younger even at 40. One of these programs is the Old School, New Body program and it is incredibly effective no matter what age you are, and doesn’t involve a large number of massive changes to your life.

Furthermore, the program is designed to be risk free and is an excellent way to learn how to lose belly flab without any need of intermittent fasting. This article will review the program and list its features.

What is the Old School, New Body Program?

This program will show you how to lose weight from your stomach and look younger no matter what age you are. The program is designed for any age and any sex and is a great way to shed the pounds without any need for intermittent fasting. The program has a number of features and is backed up with scientific evidence and research, and busts many myths about weight loss and will get you on your way to reversing weight gain.

The program is centred on working out and was developed by a number of expert athletes and bodybuilders who use short, safe workouts to lose weight and build muscle. However, the ladies shouldn’t worry about bulking up with this program, as it caters towards women specifically so they don’t develop too much muscle.

The Old School, New Body Program Features

The program has tons of features and is condensed into a small handbook which gets you looking younger at 40 and losing weight around your stomach. The program is composed of three different sections: nutrition, toning and for the guys – a building section.

Stage One – Nutrition

The program is not about intermittent fasting or low fat diets as science has proved that fat is not the issue and cutting it is the wrong way to lose belly flab from the stomach. The program will teach a number of ways you can eat to slim and lose weight, and gives you a suggested range of meal plans for you to eat healthy.

The program also shows you how to lose weight from your stomach by drinking more water and from preventing chronic dehydration which can stop you from losing weight. For some people, they just stop at the nutrition plan as this is enough alone to tone up and produce muscle.

Stage Two – Toning

This section is for people who want to get looking young at 40 and who want to hit the gym as well. The section includes a series of fantastic workout plans and exercises that help you lose weight and develop the body of your dreams.

If you combine the nutrition plans with the shaping workouts you will lose fat faster and build a great bit of muscle without the need of intermittent fasting. The workouts are very simple and safe, making them great for all ages.

Stage Three – Building

This is more designed for the men who not only want to tone up, shape their body and lose belly flab from the stomach, but who also want to build their muscles and become when the program describes as a “mini bodybuilder”.

The stage is not focused on building your muscles to massive sizes, it is about building a substantial mass but still retaining a normal look. It is great for the family men who have a busy life and other responsibilities.


The Old School, New Body program will get you losing weight from your stomach fast and is a fantastic program no matter who you are and what age you are at. The program is designed by experts and athletes and is focused on small changes to your diet as well as a few changes to your workout if you decide you want to develop some lean muscle.

As an added bonus, the program even includes a number of awesome bonuses and has a risk free money-back guarantee that lets you claim your money back if you feel the program isn’t for you. Personally, the program is recommended.